The Throne..Watched.

30 11 2011

Jay-Z and Kanye West. Two of the biggest names in Hip-Hop. Brought together on one stage, in the city of Detroit. Both artists have collaborated on many pieces before. Just recently, they have decided to put out an album together, Watch The Throne.

The throne was watched Saturday at   The Palace of Auburn Hills. According to Lynn at The Palace  the show was almost sold out. She said  the venue holds around 22,000 so roughly 19,000 people attended the event.

Watch the Throne was a highly anticipated album. Whitney Parker, Farmington, said she enjoyed the album and thought the artists worked well together.The duo allowed the album to be purchased from iTunes three days earlier than in stores. (which may seem like a lifetime to music aficionados). What’s even stranger? The album never leaked. For one of the most anticipated albums of the year to never leak onto the Internet is highly unusual.

Trey Love, Novi, said he didn’t find it odd. “ These two artists command so much power, just with their names.” He also made a great point “if you bought a ticket to their concert, you got an album. For every venue that’s almost 20,000 sales. For just one venue.” The tour plans on performing over 30 shows in 26 cities.

Nevertheless, the album exceeded expectations. Love, described the album as a “cool mix of blues, hip hop and r&b”. He thought it had a wide range of sounds ranging from “ new age hip hop, oldschool hip hop and electronic music.” Two songs that a listener can hear the assortment of tones would be in Otis  and H.A.M.

It featured a wide range of artists including: Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Otis Redding and Mr Hudson. The listener can only hope that their concert would be just as good. And again, these two went above and beyond.

Besides keeping the audience waiting for almost two hours, everything seemed quite perfect at the Watch the Throne tour. Parker describes the show as “ The best concert I have ever been to!” Kanye and Jay-Z had visual elements that kept the audience interested, interacted with the audience, and had great chemistry with each other.

The concert was nothing less than an experience. The sights made the show complete. During the show there was an abundance of lights that made the show enjoyable to watch. Love said he liked that the lights went across the entire arena.

Throughout the show the twosome also used fire. That’s right. FIRE.Coming out of the stage. This visual element provided excitement for the audience. Parker said she was closer to the top of the arena and she could feel the fire every time it went off.

The duo also made great use of the mega-screens in the Palace of Auburn Hills. Throughout their show they used the two large screen to display photos and videos to complement their event. For example, during the song “Welcome to the Jungle” the duo used a video of a gazelle getting chased down by a jaguar and then eaten. Parker said she liked how the song titles were displayed on the mega-screens as well.
Jay-Z and Kanye used the space great in the Palace of Auburn Hills. The two artists performed on elevated platforms in the middle of the audience. Love said this was one of the first things he noticed. “ The platforms had sharks (projected) on them and had great use of lighting. I thought it was very cool!”

This also gave the artists a chance to have a great interaction with each other. Love said “Because Jay- Z and Kanye West have worked together for so long, they have great chemistry and it showed on stage. “

During their three hour set, they did many collaborations with each other. The two artists played off of each other nicely and used the songs as fuel to their fire. One of Jay-Z’s top hits “Big Pimpin went well over with the audience. Not so well with Kanye. Kanye said  something to the effect of: Every time I get a girl she is a gold digger! Which was a perfect transition into one of his #1 hits Gold Digger”.  Of course after that, Jay-Z had to come back with a #1 hit “99 Problems”.

Parker said she liked the set list they  had and enjoyed how they did songs together . In particular she liked how the artists would switch back and forth doing solo material. Love also said that he enjoyed their set and it was “ songs many people wanted to hear. They played older material but most of their collaboration album as well.”

Kanye and Jay-Z preformed Paris a record breaking seven times in the Detroit show, which broke the previous Boston record of six times. The tour plans on stopping in over 20 cities. Maybe one of these cities will finally beat the new infamous Paris record?


How to work out at home

16 11 2011

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