Heart Attack Grill

24 10 2011

This story is about a new restaurant that has opened in Las Vegas. It is ironic that this restaurant has opened in “Sin City”. The restaurant is called ““Heart Attack Grill” and the story was about how the restaurant is out of the ordinary. The restaurant  makes fries in lard ,does not serve diet soda, and even has a  triple butter fat shake.

This story is being told by a voice-over narrator. The narrator even sits and has a talk with the owner of the restaurant to get his point of view as well.This could have been done more efficiently,the narrator had to be the one speaking all the time. He could have just as easily let the workers or customers speak about the “Heart Attack Grill”.

This story was extremely to the point. I think it was very clear on what the restaurant’s idea was. It was helpful that there was an anchor in the beginning of the broadcast to describe what the story was going to be about (because there is no text to help supplement the story). Also, this story was character-driven. This because this restaurant has character in itself. People will want to visit because this restaurant is an experience.

I don’t believe that this story has a clear beginning, middle or end. I believe that this is just for informational purposes and talks about the restaurant from all perspectives. Nevertheless, the story was straight and to the point.

Even though there is an anchor speaking first, the first visual is of the actual diner. I think this is a great choice because I am sure that the restaurant can get lost in the 1,000’s of different restaurants/bars/ casinos in Las Vegas. This gives the views a clear view of what the restaurant looks like.  The first sound that the viewers hear is the natural sound of Las Vegas night life. This is great as well because it keeps the viewers interested and makes them think this is in the heart of Las Vegas!

There are many different types of shots in this video to keep the viewer interested.  I do not believe that there is a sequence being used. However, I did notice that whenever there is food, there will be  a close-up of the food.This is an interesting video because there is a lot of action in this video. There is a variety of shots to keep the visual appeal (class 10/20).

Also,  there are many people in this video. However, even some of the important people are not identified.  The owner is only mentioned in the video. But when the him and the narrator are speaking, neither have identification. Nevertheless, when someone from the University of Nevada speaks, her information is on the lower half of the screen.

The pacing was perfect for this video. This is a restaurant in Las Vegas and want you to indulge in gluttony. The video needs to be a bit faster paced than other videos, which is what the viewer experiences.

Overall, I think that this video worked very well to inform its audience. I think that people who watched this video, now know what the “ Heart Attack Grill” is, where it is located, and what is served. And most importantly, if you weigh over 350 pounds, you eat free!

However, if this were my video I would have done a few things differently.  I would have made sure that there was text associated with the video.It is important to let your viewers know what your getting them into before they start watching your video. Also, it is important to tell your viewers who is speaking ( maybe even more than once).  I would have had names of important people on the screen. Finally, I would have let the customers speak more than the narrator. Its important to get their side as well.




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